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Tradeo International Inc. has worked with this client from the very beginning - and we’re happy to be their partner throughout their journey. Together, we have achieved outstanding results, and it has been a pleasure to watch their business grow.


ELi Technology, a Canadian Company, has developed patented methodology which provides the most accurate mobile location for emergency calls.  ELi’s Emergency Mobile Location (EML) system provides verified, dispatchable civic addresses plus latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, ensuring accurate and automatic emergency call location for mobile devices, including rural, urban and indoor!


BioMin Technologies Ltd was established in 2014 to commercialise research conducted over the past decade at Queen Mary University London and Imperial College, London, to develop bioactive materials to reduce tooth sensitivity (Dentine Hypersensitivity) and to strengthen and protect tooth enamel. 

Tradeo International's Inc. is an exclusive distributor for BioMin products in Canada.


Tekline is a registered broker with DDTC, US Department of State Tekline is Contracted by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US Department of Energy to Manage and Oversight the GTRI projects , Backed with its good history with World Bank projects, GTZ (German technical office).


Our collaboration has been truly remarkable, and we’re thrilled to see this business thrive as a leader in their industry.


Tetra Bio-Pharma is focused on providing clinical programs aimed at bringing novel drugs and treatments to patients and their healthcare providers.
Tetra Bio-Pharma is specialized in combining the traditional methods of medicinal cannabis use with the supporting scientific validation and safety data required for inclusion into the existing bio pharma industry by regulators, physicians and insurance companies.


Panag Pharma Inc. is a Canadian based bio-tech company focused on the development of novel cannabinoid based formulations for the treatment of pain and inflammation. Panag believes that pain relief should be safe, non-addictive and above all; effective.


Decon-X Secure disinfection has delivered solutions and machines to medical institutions in Norway, Sweden and Denmark since 2014.
The Decon-X DX1 technology is developed and produced in Norway. The most advanced disinfection solution in the market for cleanroom issues.This method ensures a safe and environmentally friendly disinfection process using a technique that diffuses hydrogen peroxide.


Jodas is a Global, specialty, innovation driven, emerging, generic pharmaceutical company, that is asserting itself among the world’s foremost pharmaceutical companies.

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